Bob “MAVERICK” Stanford is known industry wide as “The Maverick Entrepreneur.”

He served for over forty (40) years as an international business consultant, with emphasis on:

  • corporate troubleshooting
  • risk analysis
  • new product development
  • business plans
  • Marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Raising investment capital

After serving for seven years as a District Manager, and publishing a weekly newsletter for the Orange County Register in Orange County, CA, he created two corporations, Transworld Marketing, and New World Advertising, consulting to entrepreneurs developing new products. He served as CEO, and President from the early 70s to the mid 90’s.

In the 80’s he served as Senior Consultant to a group of attorneys, and other legal offices, developing the first paralegal course, and distributor program. He specialized in filing new corporations, business and marketing plans, corporate troubleshooting, personal and business bankruptcies, and co-authored computer programs for both bankruptcies, and divorces.

In the mid-90s he served as the Executive Director for the Leased Access Programmers Association, consulting to Indie TV producers. During this time he founded and directed the Jacksonville Film Group for several years. Also, he served as Senior Consultant to a new online school, developing their marketing program, writing twenty-five Study Guides, and one course. He served them for several years, equipping him to advance his course writing career, and start his own online school.

Currently, he is developing, and serving as CEO for a new online vocational school, Brentwood Institute, LLC ( Currently under development – Launce date is scheduled for November 2017.

He has just released his new nonfiction book, a collaboration with the book’s subject, John Willie Partee. The title is “I Stabbed James Earl Ray 22 Times – A Militant’s Prison Justice for the Man that Assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”  A documentary based on this book is currently in pre-production. Maverick is developing the script and serving as the film’s producer, and director.

He has authored over a dozen books, primarily directed toward the small business aspiring entrepreneur. He is on his first novel for a new series featuring his main character, “Scott Gentry.” The initial book is “Suttons Bay,” a romantic comedy.