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STC is Your Income Opportunity Supersite

All business operations are performed under the umbrella company, “Stanford Trade Center.” Click on Banner Above

Stanford Trade Center, (STC)  –  STC is the Parent (Umbrella) company for the Two Divisions listed below. STC specializes in business services, BMS’s Personal book publishing, Future Income Note/Contract Purchasing, and video production.


Tucumcari Bargain Shopper (TBC) – – TBC is an online local classifieds (FREE for consumers) ads serving Quay County and vicinity.


Stanford Financial Services – We purchase Future Income Notes, privately held Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trust, and various types of Future Income Contracts. We pride ourselves in offering you excellent pricing, outstanding service, and fast closing. We have streamlined the process of selling a privately held mortgage note.  Just follow our 3 Easy Steps.