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My name is John Willie Partee, a former Major General of the Black Liberation Army, and a former militant assassin for a secret organization who brought justice to James Earl Ray, the murderer of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., which happened during the turbulent ’60s and ’70s in America. This is my story.

Dr. King’s assassination has evolved into more than just a story, but an ongoing saga, with new surprises, nuances, and information still coming to light. Even today in this 21st century, this account continues to have an ongoing impact on American Society. It is a focal point for discussion, a cornerstone for modern Black, and White social interaction. This new information is now shared publicly for the first time.

This firsthand historical account reveals how my cell of three soldiers and I rendered “prison justice” on James Earl Ray. I stabbed him 22 times with a shiv (makeshift knife) made from a piece of metal from a window frame.

Ray received Divine justice for his crimes paying the ultimate price, death. I received personal satisfaction knowing that I was his primary executioner. Read about this harrowing, yet unique story covering the facts about Ray’s demise.

As this story unfolds, some shocking facts about who was really behind this assassination attempt on Ray are exposed. A secret new Black nation had formed within the boundaries of the United States having over a million citizens and was rapidly growing by the day. Until now, very few Americans have any knowledge of its existence or its constitution. There were no visible direct ties to any violent militant cells maintaining their ‘Plausible Deniability.’ We four assassins were citizens of that government.

The ’60s and ’70s were a time of great change, and the Black Society was at the forefront of a major upheaval in America. They were compelled to go to great lengths to gain their rightful equality and justice for their undeserving suppression at the hands of white America. Moreover, this struggle continues to this day, but much headway and progress have brought relative equality to many.

The King assassination has been a conundrum from the beginning. This story covers the event, the forces, and men behind the act of dishing out justice to Ray since they felt the court system had permitted him to escape murder charges.

This story unfolds into a potpourri of mixed feelings, emotions, frustrations, and determination during our progressive fight for our God-given rights in an indecisive world. Most of Black America was not attempting to treat White America the way they treated us with hostility and disrespect. Instead, we showed a preferred approach to settling the issue of fair and equal justice for both Blacks and Whites, through peaceful methods as a group honoring the legacy of Dr. King and his supporters.

Like the book “Up from Slavery” by Booker T Washington, this account adds a new chapter and dimension to our thinking from the transition of segregation to a free Black society. Today is now a time of major forward-thinking and influences by Black America ready to fight at all cost for equal rights.

You will learn about change, advancements, and dramatic battles in recent history, all on American soil. There were great behind the scenes forces that served as judge, jury, and executioner of the monster James Earl Ray for his crimes against humanity. After gaining this insight, you will never look at Dr. King’s historical account the same way again!
John Willie Partee